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What Is Endometriosis?

Many individuals live with a disorder known as endometriosis that can cause extreme discomfort and significantly impact their overall health and well-being. It is typically caused by high levels of estrogen or other causes, like hysterectomy complications or C-sections. The disorder happens when the endometrium (the innermost layer of the uterus) begins growing on the outside of the uterus, causing it to become blocked without a way to exit the body during your menstrual cycle. This can result in extreme menstrual cramps in addition to the occurrence of endometriomas and scar tissue adhesions. At Utah Medical Clinic, our team employs the Alma FemiLift Pixel CO2 laser technology to help relieve the symptoms associated with endometriosis and increase your chances of getting pregnant. To discover more and book a consultation, call our team in Bountiful, UT.


Endometriosis FAQ

Can you get rid of endometriosis?

Unfortunately, there is no outright cure for endometriosis. The pain is manageable with specific treatments, such as elimination of the damaged tissue or hormone medicine, but the symptoms may come back within a couple of years.

Does laser endometriosis treatment lead to weight loss?

The removal of the abnormal tissues is helpful to eliminate bloating, which is a symptom of endometriosis. Based on the severity of the bloating, the treatment could help women attain a slimmer figure.

What are the benefits of laser endometriosis treatment?

Most notably, laser treatments are much less invasive in contrast to regular surgical procedures. The laser allows for a more speedy recovery time and minimal pain. Additionally, the procedure itself is a good way to minimize typical problems of endometriosis, like bloating and pain, and can also improve your chances of pregnancy.

Does endometriosis cause fatigue?

When you are dealing with endometriosis, your defense system unwittingly makes the affected tissues secrete inflammatory toxins called cytokines. This often leads to low levels of energy and exhaustion, and as a result, you may feel as though you cannot continue on with your daily routine.





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