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What Is Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Through the effects of aging, childbirth, and menopause, the skin and tissue of the internal and external vaginal areas can lose elasticity, causing functional issues. Laser vaginal rejuvenation with Alma FemiLift utilizes a laser to tighten the inner vagina to treat problems, like vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, and some sexual dysfunctions. When you have a laser vaginal rejuvenation session, the production of collagen is promoted by heating the inner and outer vagina. It is a great noninvasive method to improve the appearance of the vaginal area and help with some common issues. To find out more about laser vaginal rejuvenation at Utah Medical Clinic, schedule an appointment with our team in Murray, UT.


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQ

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation work?

The Alma FemiLift procedure can boost vaginal laxity. It can also help with problems with sex as a result of vaginal atrophy and numerous other concerns. It can also strengthen the exterior appearance and feel. More and more women are electing to have this procedure, thanks to its amazing results and nearly no recovery time.

Does laser vaginal rejuvenation treat loose skin?
Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a great option for women who desire to strengthen elasticity within the vagina. Childbirth, losing a massive amount of weight, or even the natural aging process can strain the internal muscles and cause laxity, which can be enhanced with laser treatment. Individuals who have loose outer vaginal skin, such as overly large or stretched outer lips, would likely be more ideally suited for plastic surgery, like labiaplasty. This surgical procedure eliminates the extra skin tissue along the outer folds for a more pleasing look.

Can I combine laser vaginal rejuvenation with other procedures?
New moms and weight loss patients typically combine laser vaginal rejuvenation alongside other treatments to improve issues that can happen after similar circumstances. For example, specific procedures, such as the mommy makeover, typically comprise vaginal tightening, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck for total rejuvenation. Surgery for the labia and laser vaginal tightening are commonly done in combination as well to boost function while also enhancing the look of the labia.

What is the recovery from laser vaginal rejuvenation like?
When you have your initial appointment at Utah Medical Clinic, we will go over how many sessions you can expect to attain the optimal results. There is minimal discomfort or recovery time associated with the Alma FemiLift procedure. You should be able to get back to your daily activities right after your procedure. We advise avoiding the use of tampons or having sexual activity for at least a few days after your laser procedure to allow the vaginal area enough time to fully recover.

Great experience. The staff was friendly and easy to talk to. Everyone was invested in making sure my experience was a good one. I went in for ablation around my eyes. After one treatment there was a noticeable reduction in my crows feet. Not something I'd ever expected to do, so it was nice to have a good experience and result in the end.

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Had an issue that was handled by Jordan and Gabby right away. Great service. Thanks for going the extra mile!

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a comfortable, friendly and safe feeling environment.

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a comfortable, friendly and safe feeling environment.

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Wow what a great experience , I took my daughter her because she has been diagnosed with ALS , they where so helpful and caring ,

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